Our France Innovation Label

Our France Innovation Label

The We fundia and Re fundia teams are proud to announce that they have been awarded the Finance-Innovation label !

On Thursday March 18, We fundia and Re fundia presented their innovative platform for the sale of non-listed debt securities alongside their B2B-lending platform, where companies finance each other to grow together, to the “banking” commission of the Finance-Innovation cluster.

Finance Innovation cluster

First of all, a little background on the Finance Innovation global competitiveness cluster. This French government initiative has over 550 members. The cluster was set up in 2007 to support companies of all sizes in the finance ecosystem in developing areas of excellence.

This label recognizes our innovative refinancing and B2B lending solutions.

Finance Innovation Label

Our secondary market solutions

Companies are often reluctant to lend over a long period, as cash is sacred to a business. The securities purchase/sale solution – Re fundia – proposes to ‘tokenize’ bond debt securities in the Blockchain to offer lending companies the ability to refinance with other financiers (institutional, …).

Re fundia thus provides a solution for companies wishing to exchange debt securities while keeping the issuing company informed.

For the emitting company

Re fundia enables issuing companies to secure their register of debt securities on the Blockchain. They are thus notified when there is a change of ownership on the debt securities they have issued, and can update their register simultaneously.

For the primary funder

One of the reasons why companies are reluctant to invest in projects over the long term is the fear of illiquidity. At Re fundia, you can register and sell your debt securities to recover liquidity and meet your pressing challenges.

For investors

As CSR evolves, companies need to invest in growth-generating projects that are in tune with the environment and the planet. This process involves researching and analyzing several projects to find the one that’s right for you.

To save you time, Re fundia lets you filter the debt securities available on the platform to refine your search and find the projects that match your needs.

If you’d like to find out more, register now for a free demo.

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