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Facilitating the financing of your business

Registre de compte

Management of your securities register without intermediaries

Debt management is often time-consuming and requires intermediaries. Re fundia aims to make this management simpler thanks to Blockchain technology. For any transaction on securities, Re fundia automatically notifies the issuer so that it can update its register.

Giving companies more autonomy over their financing

Re fundia’s goal is to make companies self-sufficient in debt trading. To this end, all our exchanges are conducted over the counter between primary financiers and investors.

Simplify and secure the exchange of debt instruments

Trust and simplicity are fundamental to any exchange. Re fundia shares these values. We ensure the confidentiality of your accounts. Our teams do their utmost to simplify exchanges and improve the settlement of debt securities.

The founders

Our team is made up of members with complementary skills and a wealth of experience in a variety of fields.

Eric Menseau

Co-fondateur & CEO

Marketing-Com Director and Business developer
Orange – Cooperative U

Jérémy André

Co-Fondateur & CTO

Expert in Blockchain and
Application development
Mate Social Dating – POI

Jean Favreau

Co-fondateur & Expert

Software architect & lawyer
Prestashop – Foreground

Christophe Guerin


Accounting Director
Cap Gemini – Cooperative U

Our supervisory committee

To ensure a quality service, we have surrounded ourselves with experts in line with our vision.

Cédric Tessier

Founder & CEO Fintech, Crypto, NFT, Web3
Co-Founder & Chairman Finexkap

Dedicated cash flow financing solution for SMEs

Olivier Geoffray

DG D&Cmf – Groupe EXPONENS

Former Head of Compliance of Société Générale International Retail Banking

Nicolas Couet

Directeur des Achats de grands acteurs industriels

(Yazaki, Renault, Faurecia,
Plastic Omnium)
Ex-consultant Arthur Andersen

Michel Hussherr

Entrepreneur Early investor in Voodoo

Innonouveau Solution Programme
French/American (Boston) for Strat-Up

Eric Pradier

Co-fondateur & Président DigiSpin,
Business Angel’s

International executive in IT and Telecoms
Telecoms (HP, Motorola, Bull, …)

Our ecosystem

Let’s free up sustainable business finance.