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Understanding security tokens

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Understanding security tokens Developed on public or private blockchains, Security Tokens are cryptographic financial instruments giving the holder the same rights as a traditional financial instrument such as a share or a bond. In France, Decree No. 2018-1226 of Decemberā€¦

Finance Innovation offers us its label

Finance Innovation offers us its label We fundia and Re fundia presented themselves to the Finance Innovation cluster’s “banking” commission last March.  On Wednesday 8 December, we went to the FINOV’ event for a handover of the Finance Innovation label. ā€¦

Our Finance Innovation label

Our Finance Innovation label The We fundia and Re fundia teams are proud and happy to announce that we have been awarded the Finance-Innovation label! We fundia and Re fundia presented on Thursday March 18th, in front of the “banking” commission of Finance-Innovation, their innovative platform for selling unlisted debt securities inā€¦